NOODLES · $7.95-$8.55

Pad Thai
Fresh noodles stir-fried with eggs, bean sprouts, tofu, ground peanuts and green onion
laced with our traditional favorite Pad-Thai sauce

Rad See Ew
Stir-fried fresh wide rice noodles with eggs and broccoli in black bean sauce

Rad Nah
Pan fried fresh wide rice noodles topped with broccoli in black bean gravy

Pad Kee Mow
Wok tossed fresh wide rice noodles with basil, bell papers and broccoli in fresh Thai chili sauce

SALADS · $7.25-$8.25

Crying Tiger Salad
Grilled Beef seasoned with spicy lime dressing, lemongrass, mint leaves, red onions
and kafir lime leaves on a bed of lettuce

Mint Leaf Salad (Vegetarion option)
Minced Chicken or Tofu tossed in lime juice, mint leaves, green onions and cilantro
wrap it all in the lettuce leaves included

Lemon Grass Salad
Grilled Prawns or Calamari seasoned with spicy lime dressing, lemon grass, mint leaves, red onion and cilantro

Peanut Sauce Lovers Salad (Vegetarian)
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and fried tofu topped with potato chips and tasty peanut dressing

Green Papaya Salad (Vegetarian option)
Shredded green papayas tossed with ground peanuts dried shrimp (optional), green beans and tomatoes with garlic lime dressing

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